Inaugural Launching Party

Toyotron launched its inaugural party at Ravindra Hotel in Pattaya, Thailand on March 28th, 2007. Featuring product launching, product information, product test and dealership appointment. More than 40 Eastern provinces dealerships join the event. Toyotron received high remarks on product performance from

Product Features

Compared to it counter parts, Toyotron continues to outperform its competitor by a wide margin. Toyotron has better acceleration, better-climbing speed while achieving better distant. Toyotron by far is recognizing as the best “E-Bike” in the market. It has good aftersales services, hot-line services with completed training center and spare parts.

Riding Test

With abundant rain fall in Thailand, many roads are inundated condition. Toyotron sails through flooded road surface with ease and smooth maneuvering pleasure.