about us

Toyotron Motor Co.Ltd.
    Toyotron was established in 2007 with the purposes of providing clean and energy saving for transportation. Mr. Okas Tepalagul, Chairman of the company is a well-known industrialist in Thailand. He has been involved in the Thai Auto Industry for over 30 years.
    As Thailand is embarking for a green environment and energy conscious society, Mr. Okas, therefore, set up Toyotron particularly for this purpose. The company standard automation plant is located in Bangplee, Samutprakarn with its production capacity of 1,500 units per month. This production line has the capability of producing up to 2,500 units per month. Presently, Toyotron e-bike using 60 percent local content spare parts while 40 percent are imported.
     Our technology, are jointly developed and closely tested by King Mongkut University of Texgnology at North Bangkok and Kokushikan University of Japan. Two research facilities were set up in Thailand and Japan in 2008 to develop join quality e-bike.
Presently, Toyotron consistently outperforms its competitors by a wide margin. Toyotron has better acceleration, better slope climbing and achieved better distance with competitive price. The Company follows strictly on the Total Quality Management concept and paying spacial attention to improve technical capability of its workers and staffs. Toyotron is now recognized as Thailand’s leading E-bike manufacturer

Our Philosophy

         Our philosophy is to manufacture the best and reliable e-bike to the market. We are proud of our reputation for high standard quality control and after sales services.
    With it firm commitment and determination, Toyotron is poised to become a perennial e-bike company not only in Thailand but also the World Market.

Our Resources

         With our in-house technical training facility for full scale after sales services, our field coverage is National all regions and provinces of Thailand as well as the World Market

Our Quality Guarantee

We are totally committed to ensuring the highest levels of Quality Control in all aspects of our business.

         Toyotron is the only e-bike company in thailand with own in-house research facility. All of our products are manufactured in accordance with our philosophy of producing the most reliable e-bike